Mr. Big Stuff's Information:

Breed: Mastiff
Birth Date: July 25, 2002
Sex: Male
Color: Fawn w/Black Mask
Microchip No: 073 052 039
Registration: WR07140401
CHIC #: 20190

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Mastiffs: Loyal, Obedient, and Affectionate

Of all the dogs Sharon & Paige Johnson have known, Mr. Big Stuff (Biggie) is their favorite for his very loving personality. Except when the Johnson's youngest son (Barrett) went away to college and was deployed to Iraq; "Biggie" and Barrett sleep in the same bed. During the Crusades, many of the knights took their loyal Mastiffs into battle with them. Had the U.S. Army allowed, Mr. Big Stuff, he would've been deployed to Iraq with Barrett. "Biggie" (200 lbs) has a 100% "1st time" breeding record with all the Dams that he has bred, and all the babies' are healthy and loving.