Princess Big Stuff's Information:

Name: Princess Big Stuff
Breed: Mastiff
Birth Date: September 22, 2008
Sex: Female
Color: Fawn w/Black Mask
Microchip: 0D0D092873 & 981010001234352
Registration: WS27811102
CHIC # : 70963

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Mastiffs: Loyal, Obedient, and Affectionate

"Princess" Big Stuff is a loving dog and sleeps in the Johnson’s bed each night along with “Lady” Big Stuff, Paige & Sharon. Of all the moms the Johnson’s have had, Princess is the best mom with her puppies. Any noise from any of her puppies, Princess is there. She keeps her puppies clean like soft little cotton balls; and insists on being with her puppies, even when she is not nursing. Princess is a long bodied dog with a long neck and wrinkled forehead & brow. As with many of the Johnson’s girls, she has “Princess” in her name due to the natural black tiara her coat makes on the top of her head.